Reviewing Community Feedback — Clarity League Season 2


Registration Feedback | Questions

The important bit: The registration form now asks participants if their ping to Europe West is higher than 130ms.

Registration Feedback | Free Comments

Clarity Divisions Ruling Feedback | Questions

The important bit: If 20 or more players would otherwise be cut off, we will now look to implement one or more 6-team (30 player) divisions in Clarity Divisions. Which divisions are downsized will be based on MMR variance.

  • There are 100 registered participants who have completed activity check. In scenario A, this will result in two full (8-team) divisions, and 20 players cut off. In scenario B, this would lead to three divisions, one full (8-team) and two smaller ones (6-team).
  • With 110, both scenarios lead to 3 divisions (40/40/30 players — or 8/8/6 teams).
  • With 130, both scenarios lead to 3 divisions (40/40/40, 8/8/8) with 10 players cut off. However, this player count also allows for 4 divisions (40/30/30/30) — and this applies to a lot of other potential player counts.
  1. Firstly, we want a balance between giving many players the opportunity to play and the ability to retain the format we want to have — which is the default 8-team/40-player on. This is the format that Divisions is advertised as, and it’s effectively what participants register for. This is also why we’d generally always be looking to prioritize that size, particularly when it doesn’t affect the number of participants who get to play (for example, with 150 players you could host 4 divisions, three of which are 8-team — or you could host 5, all of which are 6-team).
  2. Secondly — and admittedly less importantly — allowing less than 20 players to be cut off means we likely instantly have a pool of potential Free Agents and standins for the oncoming season, which is fairly useful from an administration perspective (and is something we’ve struggled with a bit in past seasons — particularly the amount of Free Agents).

Clarity Divisions Ruling Feedback | Free Comments

Penalty Ruling Feedback | Questions

The important bit: All lateness penalties now kick in 10 minutes earlier. No significant changes will be made to penalties for incorrect lobby settings. We may implement harsher penalties for repeat offenders.

Penalty Ruling Feedback | Free Comments

Other Feedback

Questions for Staff

The Dazza Section | Pineapple on Pizza

  • Positive: Pineapple on Pizza = Good
  • Neutral: Pineapple on Pizza = Neither good nor bad
  • Negative: Pineapple on Pizza = Bad
  • N/A: No comment/irrelevant answer

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